Robust and highly modernized, Logika emphasizes on the direct delivery of goods to the customer's door, decisively contributing to the success of any company in this competitive environment. Proper operation and management is ensured by a number of services following:

Areas of expertise

Logika focuses on emerging markets with growth trends, having vast experience in the fields of technology, fashion, consumer goods and e-commerce, specializing in single item picking management.

The management of goods from their receipt to their final destination is coordinated by Logika and offers retailers the ability to differentiate themselves against competitors. Specialist teams undertake the turnover in each sector and provide excellent attention to detail work, organization and consistency.

Logika utilizes wireless terminals (RF) in importing and monitoring of the inventory. Every movement of wireless terminals is performed through the warehouse management program, WMS (MANTIS). The MANTIS is configured for each sector, adjusting the management of goods depending on the requirements and specificities of each business.

Customers are informed in detail about the quantities by code - color – size, while mainting access to all available information about their orders (completed, ongoing, canceled), their refunds, their imports and missions. All items are available to the customer in order to offer them an integrated view, and primarily, to facilitate them during the execution of their order.

  • Fashion

  • Pet

  • E-Shop

  • Energy

  • Technology

  • Consumer

  • Packaging Materials

  • Sports Equipment

Basic model of warehousing administrator

Step by step analysis of merchandise management, from its arrival at Logika to its distribution and through to its final recipient.


  • Products arrive in
    Logika’s facilities

  • Single Item

  • Quality control

  • Import of goods via scanners
    into WMS

  • Issue of
    entry note


  • Order management

  • Picking

  • Packaging

  • Printing of delivery label
    (with customer’s details)

  • Issue of delivery note
    and printing of the receipt
    or invoice


  • Route planning

  • Logika’s driver
    picks up the order

  • Delivery to
    customer’s door

  • Cash & Cheque collection

Reverse Management

  • Collect products
    from store or customer

  • Products arrive
    back at Logika

  • Single item

  • Quality control

  • Import of goods via scanners
    into WMS

  • Issue of
    entry note

Added value services

  • Gift wrapping

  • Cash & Cheque Collection

  • Labeling

  • Door to Door delivery

  • Quality control

  • Customs Warehousing

  • Call Center

  • Cross Docking

  • Products photoshooting

  • Sorting

  • GOH Garments on hangers

  • Packaging

  • Service

  • Reverse Management

In-house Logistics

Many companies have invested in assets, such as privately owned facilities, warehouses, vehicle fleets, technical equipment and manpower, thus committing their businesses. In this case, the likely choice in outsourcing logistics seems impossible. However, by using a 4PL company, retailers can focus on their core responsibilities.

The basic need and responsibility of every trading company for its conservation and development, is sales.

When the company is involved in activities other than sales, such as warehouse management, order fulfillment and distribution then the quality and efficiency of its core responsibilities are adversely affected. This makes them stagnant and inflexible to changes in the conditions and requirements of the market.

Logika offers in-house logistics services at the customer's business facilities , bringing its expertise, know-how and experience to the customer's site. With the right freight management, quality control, prompt delivery of the equipment to the final recipient and excellent customer service, excess value is added to businesses. Logika offers commercial companies the opportunity to differentiate themselves against their competitors and ensures the factors that determine the increase in sales and the target market advantage to increase their profitability.

  • Ioanna Kaltsa

    Key Account Manager

  • +30 6947002353

Reverse Logistics

The cycle of a supply chain does not end with the delivery of goods to the final destination but with their return and reverse flow within the supply chain.

Today every commercial firm should ensure that buyers can return the products. The refunding process burdens every company which is required to find an appropriate way to deal with the issue and ensure service, direct transport, dedicated space for returned goods and reshipping products directly to the customer.

Through a series of processes, Logika aims to recover the lost market value of goods and achieve channeling "dead stock" back into the market.

  • Collect products from Store

  • or
  • Collect products from customer’s door

  • Products arrive at
    Logika’s facilities

  • Recycle

  • Dispose

  • Return to the supplier

  • Service

  • Return to customer

  • Multi-Channel retail (dead stock cluster)