Logika remains a supporter of enterprises across their spectrum of operations regardless if they follow a development path or a strategy to reduce operating costs.

Logikas' Goals

  • Upgrading Quality of service of the final consumer / recipient

    Reduction in errors, reduction in delivery times.

  • Lowering operational costs.

    Labor costs, optimal use of resources, increase in capacity.

  • Flow and process optimization .

    Planning and proofing procedures.

The achievement of our objectives is achieved by addressing key issues concerning the modern business landscape:

Business concerns and the solution of logika:

  • Asset Light

    Businesses face fall in turnover and lower profit margins while investments in facilities, warehouses, functional vehicle fleet, technological equipment and personnel are binding the entrepreneur down.

  • Logika designs and implements the gradual release of the enterprise from fixed costs. Its competitive advantage as a 4PL logistics provider is that it carries out those designed plans, either with the method of outsourcing on-site, or with the innovative solution of in-house logistics (logistics service: Logika at your facilities) where the supply chain of companies is set up and managed at their own facilities.

  • Flow of Supply Chain

    The interference of many different partners affects the performance and efficiency of the supply chain, creating unnecessary costs on the business and a degraded quality of service to the final consumer / recipient.

  • The supply chain of a company refers to all the actions and activities related to the procurement, production, transportation, storage and distribution of goods. Logika undertakes the overall coordination of all the parties involved in a supply chain from the point of origin of the goods up to the point of consumption, in order to increase the overall profitability along the chain.

  • Dynamic

    Commercial companies have the need to adapt to rapidly changing market conditions.

  • Logika heeds the particularities of businesses, develops customized innovative solutions, promotes strategic partnerships and creates opportunities for expansion into new markets.