Melina May SA since 2009 has one of the biggest e-shop in Greece in clothing, footwear, accessories, home ware, gadgets & cosmetics. The company is a pioneer in the field of online shopping in our country. The steady upward progress in its sector makes it one of the most successful companies and accordingly creates the need for a high level of service for its increasing customers.

The business model allows it to make sells in two ways:


The primary concern was to improve the delivery times of suppliers, within a specific timeframe, so as the customer orders to be consistently enforced. The management of e-shop requires a complete coverage for deposition, control and inventory management. The points to which attention should be given so as to have maximum control of the operations were the following:


The aim was Melina May to continue to adequately meet the requirements of its customers, which is why Logika adapted the flow of its own work on “measures” of Melina May, providing in this way high quality logistics services. After the start of cooperation with Logika, in 2014, Melina May SA relieved of unnecessary burdens arising from its operation until then.

Logika has completely undertaken the supply chain management of Melina May, making it responsible for the timely and accurate delivery of orders.


Complete control of tracing of goods.

Improving quality of packaging services and quality control based on specifications of depositor.

Reduction in total cost of logistics services.

Reduction of number of refunds due to the increase in the number of satisfied customers.

Special packing for fragile goods and volume reduction of cartons and therefore reduction in shipping cost.