La Redoute is a French company known for its long and successful history in the field of clothing, footwear and homeware, through mail order catalogue. Established in 1875 and since then has made great strides and has grown into a fashion colossus, which at times has created collections with the biggest names in haute couture. Responding to technological requirements, has managed to create one of the largest online fashion stores in Greece.


La Redoute has chosen to manage customer orders with Just-In-Time system, which means order placement on a weekly basis. The speed at which this size of deliveries/orders should be processed efficiently and without errors, created the need for an intergrated supply chain system with fast “reflexes”. The main areas for improvement had to do with:


The collaboration of Logika with La Redoute started in 2014 and after specialized study, all the complex matters regarding the part of logistics facing the company resolved one by one. Logika is entirely responsible for La Redoute’s supply chain management and the results are already visible.

Having total control over the procedures from the moment of transfer of goods from France up to the final customer, we are able to monitor step by step the progress of the stock and coordinate the proper processing of orders.


Direct and adequate segmental management of receipts / orders in order to achieve next-day delivery.

Detailed quality control of goods and identification with barcode scanning.

Minimize errors in the processing of orders resulting in a reduction of refunds.

Reduce cost of logistics services at all stages of supply chain.