Commercial and
Import Company


The company Ionas Bros S.A operates in the area of athletic equipment. For several decades it owns the exclusive rights in Greece for the distribution of brands for sport and diving equipment.

Some of the largest agencies are:

Each of these brands are individually recognized as leaders in their field of expertise. The company owns two specialty shops in the areas of Metamorfosi and Marousi (in Attica) and has managed to develop a wide sales network throughout the country. By 2011, the storing and handling of goods were managed by its staff, in the storage area at the premises of the headquarters of the company.


With the increase of imports, due to higher demand on a wider customer network throughout Greece and partnerships with major wholesale companies on the field of sports equipment, the need for better and higher level of service was created. The most prominent needs were to maintain reliability and consistency, while keeping the management cost low, at all stages of the supply chain.


At first, a partnership between Ionas Bros S.A and Logika’s transport department began in 2000. This cooperation was a big step for full monitoring and coordinating the imports of goods from third countries as well as the loads from Europe.

Then, Logika took over the handling of goods including: single item picking, quality control, storage, monitoring of stock, order fulfillment and the distribution to the final customer. Instant result was the cost reduction of the logistics and the improvement of delivery times on the orders of thousands SKUs.


Full traceability of goods throughout the supply chain.

Cost reduction in distribution and storage.

Reduction of errors in orders.

Next-day delivery for all orders

Route optimization.

Single item picking via barcode scanning.

Re-packaging / Labeling.