Import Company
Food packaging materials


CLS S.A was founded in 2008. The company was created by experienced executives in the packaging industry designed to meet the needs of food stores all over Greece. A wide range of food packaging materials classified CLS S.A among the top companies in the industry catering trend.


The increasing demand of its specialized services in conjunction with CLS continuous growth of its customer base and competition led to the crucial need for integrated supply chain solution. The primary concern was to improve on time deliveries to its client base. The main areas for improvement CLS supply chain had to do with:


Logika has completely reengineered the flow of the company’s supply chain .The result is a flexible asset- light organization. Logika has the total management of the chain from the coordination of the factories that constitute the firms supplies up to the movement of goods to the end customer. Logika using its fleet management system is able to monitor step by step the progress of the stock and coordinate the proper processing of orders.


Effective communication for immediate problem solving in everyday level

Administrative cost-reduction

Reduce cost of logistics services at all stages of supply chain

Reduction of number of refunds due to the increase in the number of satisfied customers

On time deliveries

Improved route planning

Complete control of tracing of goods